Best Of Show Awards

Specialty Style Awards

Top Style awards are simple versions of our Best of / Specialty awards. they range in size from 6-10 inches tall depending upon design and artwork. We can build with a base of as a two piece free standing award. We try and keep these as budget friendly as possible. But in the end they are not your typical award and are not the cheapest option. But they will be sure  make your event stand out from the rest!

Plaques are a very cost efficient award! You still get to utilize any art work you have for your event but you get a good bang for your buck!  available in small sizes from 5x7 up to 12x15 in most configurations!  Different colors textures and styles available!


These style style trophies are completely universal. These can be configured for ANY sport or category. All come with a FREE personalized nameplate. single post to 4 plus post styles available. Column colors car be mixed and matched in any order and have multiple colors and bases styles available.

Top Style

Resin awards are a molded piece of resin that has multiple catergories that they come molded in typicly 4-6 inches tall these are a great way to get something that looks cool custom and different with just an off the shelf product! 


Post Trophies


Resin Awards

Custom awards are designed around your budget and the sky is the limit on what we can do. Just give us a little information on what you want to achieve and we will design it into a 3 dimensional award that will take your event to the next level. We utilize many different materials including: stainless steel, 1/8 - 3/4" fire polished acrylic, distressed wood, leather and more....

Best of show awards are built using multiple layers of media to create a 3D effect! They range in sizes, colors, media and base options. A typical best of show award is 18x 20 inches in over all size but this is purley based off of art work size and design sizes will vary from award design to awards design. These awards have infinaite options as far as colors, bases and media. 

Specialty awards are our mid range acrylic awards! These are typicly  built out of 3/16 acrylic. Usually built as a free standing piece with multiple layers But can be built as a wall hanging unit as well.  Sizes range on these awards from small to large, But typicaly are 10-12 inces tall and do not utilize a base.